Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pics from the Past

Here are a few things i have made since i started knitting

This is just a little gift bag i made for my mom's birthday, i put some Italian Charms in it that i got her really simple job but the Yarn was a little hard to work with when i went to sew the sides together. Next time i'll make sure i have some regular yarn on hand to sew seams with if my yarn had little bumps and balls in it :)

My first major project and it took me awhile but i am soooo proud of it. It is from Stitch' N Bitch by Debbie Stoller and Heather Barnes did the back pack and the monkey character is by Addrienne Yan. I learned a lot with this bag and i made a few mistakes but i still love it more then anything i sometimes still can't believe i actually made it.

The last thing i finished making is the Water Bottle Sling in Knit Wit and Designed by Jamie Cook-Jaques. i was originally making it for me but then i decided my mom would love it she drinks a lot of Water and well I knew she would love the shape of the holder. i love how you make the optional pocket on the strap, it's kinda hard to explain but you are knitting the strap and the pocket at the same time as you knit up, i know that probably is the worst explanation ever.

Well i am having some pic loading problems so more later...


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