Saturday, April 28, 2007

not here blogger made me mad

you can find me at we will see if i like that better-not sure i will i may have to suck it up and pay for something good.

Monday, November 13, 2006

YAY!! I am done!!!

My SKB is done!!! yay!!!!!

Sexy Knitted Bodice by Glampyre Knits (can buy here)

Dates: Sept. 12, 06 -Nov. 13, 06

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Violet

I loved the pattern and would toally think about making it again possibly with short sleeves. And maybe a deeper neckline to show more cami and it would haev been deeper except i read somthing in the pattern wrong. And best of all i finished with in time for the Sexy Knitters KAL!

Other than that i got sick again. Finished some legwarmers. Started My grandma's Christmas present and started a puzzle. I am also thinking about making little man a sweater and i bought some yarn for a CLAPOTIS yep i have to jin the crowd and make one of those too :) Pictures tomorrow hopefully.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I know i know

I am SOOOO behind on my posting and i wanted to do better this year. I had my grandma visiting and then i got sick. But 2morrow i will have pictures and update!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006


A Magazine came in the mail today...but what magazine could possibly have me soo excited??
Ohhhh there it is slowly coming out...

THE NEW CRAFT MAG came in the mail today!! i have only breezed through it i was to enjoy it tomorrow during Aidan's nap. But it looks AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!! My grandma looked at it too and she really like what she saw!

WOOHOOO!!!!!!!! Hope you all can get your hands on one!!!!!!! Worth every penny and i haven't even read it in detail yet!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


So it's been about a 2 1/2 weeks since i last wrote. One week of that i was ill, ill, ill. And did nothing besides lay in a heap and whine and try to get up to help my son go to the potty-funny how i manage to get ill, ill, ill the same week that i want to seriously start his potty-training. It wasnt easy but we managed. you always do. I also have my grandma in from Germany so we have been out and about. And the lazyness is me not wanting to write and load picutres.

Here is finally one of the Wee Wonderfuls (scroll down for the Put Together book) bunny that i wanted to make. My other one still needs to be sewn together. But i made this one as a gift so i wanted to get it done quickly. And it was a Hit! She was named Lili. Basic Cotton for her dress and body and felt for her shoes, barrettes, collar and facial features. I really like the rabbit! I think its the ears, LOL! But she was fun and quick and hopefully i will get to my other bunny soon!

Her cute face with heart barrettes!! i think my barrettes are my favorite on bunny they just look super cute!

Her cute heart shoes.

I Have been doing some knitting during my lazy/sickness too. My SKB...i have the top and the lace done. Noe i am finishing the little purl bumps and i move on to Hip shaping. back to some good old stockinette that i can do easily in front of TV. Don't get me wrong the lace was a very nice, simple to remember and do lace but you still had to double-check and make sure you were keeping with the 7 stitch pattern.
Here is a close-up of my lace! i really like it. I can't wait til this shirt is done i hope i won't be disappointed! I made kind of a big boo-boo so we will see i can always make another and i for sure want to!!!
Grandma's Home.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

UGH! Allergies suck! i need allergy drugs!!!!

well i can't get my pics to do what i want them to so the top one is Aidan's new friend "Dibbie" made from The Make-Along Pattern from the Fantastic Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls. He turned out really great-better than i thought he would considering i made a few boo-boos. And the bottom picture is my completed room! YAY!!!!! I have also been knitting i did decide on the Sexy Knitted Bodice from Stefanie Japel! And also some cutting of squares for a small practice quilt! More sewing to come tonight and i plan to set aside some time for knitting as well so my hands don't get mad at me. Sorry this post is kinda all over the place i just feel so lame and drained from sneezing all day. Next Time will be better.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What have i been doing...Not Knitting

My room is almost done! I will be so happy when its done!!! My room looks yellow but its not-its a yellow-green but in light it looks more yellow but in the daylight it looks more green. i like it, bright and happy-hopefully it will move my creative juices!!

I have finished the pocket of holder strap and i am in the BORING garter-stitch strap so there is no real motivation to knit. working on room for the rest of the week and then weekend we have a wedding to stand in so no knitting til next week.
oh and i didnt work on my bunnies either :(

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bunny Pieces and Holder

My Bunny Pieces: I traced and cut today! I plan on starting my sewing tomorrow. The bunny looks like he will be a lot of fun. I am excited about doing the lighter color with the orange dress-i just love the fabric.

Here is my Water Bottle Holder-i am still on the pocket. Yeah i know-not much progress but yesterday i just ended up fooling around online. I really like this pattern but you tend to go from one boring part to the next but i have had this yarn for about a year and i am trying to use up the yarn that i bought for specific patterns before i buy more. So i can figure out what is going on in my stash. it is just to overwhelming right now. But i am getting there...slowly but surely :)
Hopefully i can finish the pocket tonight and strap away tomorrow night!
I plan on doing some quilting--yes i know i am getting very ambitious. I probably wont start any quilting until next week because i am gonna sew up my bunnies and i want to finish painting my room. i have the primer on. IT"S TIME FOR SOME COLOR! i cannot not WAIT until it's done!!! I don't want to do any painting for a very long time after this! Some FO pics soon i hope!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Another Thanx and an Update!

My Secret Pal has done it again! What has she done your wondering? She has sent me a Wonderful package! With not one but TWO knitted gifts (Knitty gloves and a washcloth), tissues (my allergies love you even though they are just too cute to be used, i saved one), A magnet for the fridge that flips open and you can write phone numbers on the inside, air freshner, Lantern Moon needle holder and Burt's Bees hand salve! THANK YOU SO MUCH Marie!!! You made my weekend!

Here's is me wearing the glove!! Thanx Again Marie!! i love them!

Remember this?

Well they have finally become these:

I am so happy with the way they came out-i was really doubting my sewing abilities. But they came out cute and huggable (my son loves hugging them). I am going to be making the bunny next. I already washed the fabric and tomorrow i will be cutting it.
I am also still working on my Water Bottle Holder but i have moved on to the strap. Once i get hte little pocket done that is on the strap it will move along super fast and i can start my next project. I was thinking this or getting a start on my Christmas gifts, What do you think???

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So this is what i have been up to among other things the water bottle holder(purple & green on needles), the purple scallope pouch was for my One Skein Secret pal and the Peek of the lining in a bag is The bag i made awhile back and i finally decided it will stay a bag and i lined it and put buttons in and i have used it for over a week and i love it!!! it's my own bag too--No Pattern!!!!!!Tomorrow i will have more pics of what i am working on and will be finished very soon. i have little details to add on! Sorry this is so short but i just wanted to do a quick update! i have been slacking in the writing department!! Oh and if you haven't noticed i changed my blog's name i really couldnt keep it just knittingdiddl since i have expanded my craftiness. More tomorrow!!

Monday, July 31, 2006


The Picture of my HUGE YAY!!!!! My package form my One Skein Secret Pal--Bright Colored yarn that makes me smile and smile!!! A pattern to make a bag with my bright happy yarn and it is all done being knitted up i just need to add handles but i havent taken the updated picture yet-Below is what i had done by Saturday night the day i got my package!! I also got some stitch markers that i was looking at the other day in the store (i didnt buy them-something kept me from buying them-now i know what :) :) :) and some nice needles with the curved tip they came in very useful when i was seaming up my bright happy bag. THANK YOU SO MUCH GRANDMA!!!!!!! i loved my package!
BRIGHT HAPPY HAPPY YARN ABOVE turning into a side of a purse! and i also threw in a picture of another project that i am working on but it has been put on pause while i look at a sewing book--Adorable Animals from Wee Wonderfuls .
This is just the basic layout of what they will look like, the fabric is inside out and i havent decided what color dress the black cat will have--what do you think? pink or purple. Well i really want to get this post up. More next time. By the way --IT'S HOT!!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

HUGE YAY!!!!!!!!! nevermind.... :(

Well i was going to write about my huge YAY!!! but BLOGGER IS BEING
@@$$#$%^^#@@#$%$###$$$ stupid again so i will try again later or tomorrow.
I HATE BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!