Tuesday, July 26, 2005

PFtP 2

Well hats...the hat for my son turned out super cute but he couldnt wear it for long and the pick hat was a huge disaster, it was going to be a kitty ear hat cause i love kitties and it looks really good til i put it on. Turns out my head is bigger than the average girls head and it was to tight it fit my head like a pair of nylons i was soo upset when it didnt fit so i never took the time to put the ears on it and my son got a hold of the pom-poms on the bottom and chewed on them so they are kind of matted and stiff but if i ever make a hat again i'll i'm big-headed.

Like any beginner i made my share of scarfs, the hot pink one is in a rib pattern k2p2, its actually one of my favorites i love how it looks and feels. The Lime and Turqouise scarf i made because i was at the store and loved the yarn, its super soft and fluffy, and the colors are so bright. The Grey and White Scarf was for my husband it was my first full size scarf and he only wore it once because i made him so he has been taken off the knitting gifts list but it is a really good-looking manly scarf and keeps you nice and toasty.

I think i keep running out of room so one more post and i won't have any more pics.


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