Friday, August 05, 2005

NEW pics

As i mentioned before i started my tanktop here is a pic of my progress so far and a closeup of the border. i have the border all done and i did the decreasing that is part of "shaping the waistline" now i have to knit around for 2.75". So i have a easier couple nights ahead of me. Then comes shaping the bust.

well here is my laptop cover, i know i know the middle scrunches i was leaving the yarn in the back loose enough but i am super proud of it and it covers my laptop perfect. It's on my laptop in the picture and there is no hint of gray laptop to be seen :) you can't tell and my camera isnt good enough for a close up but the border is Seed Stitch. i am really proud of it because i did all the math and graphing and planning on my own there was no pattern.

well since i wont really have anything new to show, it might be a few days before i update unless i get to the bust of my tanktop and panic ;). Byebye


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