Friday, February 17, 2006

little bit of everything

My brief flood of hats on the knifty knitter has been put to a pause but as promised here are pictures of my hat and Aidan's. I also made one for my mom for Valentine's Day but i forgot to take a picture of it so next time i stop by for a visit i will take a one. I have made it my goal to photograph every project i make.

I have tried to keep this journal focused on Knitting but i have to slip in just a moment of a admiration for my adorable son, Aidan. I really have been blessed and he is just the most darling little man and makes me laugh everyday! He doesn't realize yet that he will be getting a lot of knits from his Mama and maybe one day he will be interested enough to try it out for himself.

My shirt is coming along great! The other day i held it up to show my husband and we both commented on how it was starting to take look like a shirt. It has been a fun knit, right now i am on kind of a boring part though, just knitting for 9.5 inches. But it is the perfect knitting for watching a movie or a show on TV.

I am still waiting for the yarn to finish knitting Sad Eeyore's bag. I finally got an email from Joann' letting me know that my stuff was sent on the 14th.
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day. Mine was really good, a little rushed in the morning. My husband got me a Vermont Teddy bear. His name is Loverboy and he is wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with sunglasses and a "Love" tattoo on his left teddy bicep :). I can't wait to knit something for him. He is the perfect size to knit a sweater for.
My son has a "Build-a-Bear" teddy bear and i really want to knit something for him too but i haven't found any good patterns for him.
There are so many things i want to make and it seems like my list keep growing and growing.
Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker book is supposed to come out next week. I am very excited, i have been looking forward to it since i heard it was coming out. My mom has taught me some crochet but she doesn't knot any of the terms or anything so that's what i really want to learn about.
Well, I want to tackle more of those 9.5 inches before Aidan wakes up from his nap.

UPDATE: i just got my package from Joann's. Eeyore should be very pleased, i know i am.


At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooohhh! the shirt looks cool. I like the color too!


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