Thursday, August 11, 2005

Still knittin along

Well i have gotten much further in my top, but i finished increasing and decreasing in the waist/bust area so now i am knitting for a about and inch and a half and then i will start the V-neck and the back. i am not even sure how the back looks the pattern has no picture of the back so it will be a surprise :) But i am so excited, everything is moving along really well, i am a little worried about running out of yarn though i started my fourth skein yesterday and only have 2 more after this.
In Vogue Knittng Magazine(the fall 2005 issue) they have this really cool jacket/capelike thinf on the front cover i instantly fell in love with it and i really want to make it but to my surprise the yarn they used is 17 bucks a skein!!! i kinda felt it in my gut that it owuld be pricey since the pattern is in Vogue knitting. But unless i can find a great great likeness i might have to make this a wish for my anniversery or something i mean it will be something i can wear so it will go to good use :) we'll see...


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