Saturday, July 29, 2006

2nd YAY!!!! and what i have been up to..

Second YAY!! i finally finished Bad Penny. SHE IS DONE!!! she turned out great. Sadly i had to leave out the lace design at the bottom of the shirt but it's not a big deal for me. i still am really happy with how she turned out. I am not sure if you remember all the trouble i had with the sleeves but i ended up having to redo them in the larger than called for needle, there was just no way i could get them around my arms even with a SUPER LOOSE bind-off. When i wear it i will get a picture it has just been to Hot and everytime i remember to put it on for a pic i don't want to cause i am all sticky and sweaty --Not cool for a nice new shirt.

I FELTED--i have wanted to for so long so i decided to try. Here is Neopolitan before felting. It wasnt actually what i was going for but i ran out of brown and decided to use pink and when i looked at it i was reminded of a certian Ice Cream hence the name!!

Here is Neopolitan all felted and Purty :) i love her!!! I used Lamb's Pride worsted doubled up on size 15 circ. needles. i will definately be felting more bags-bigger ones this is actually a clutch and the original pattern is from One Skein but i had to put more stitches on to fit my longer size circ. needles other than that i stuck to the pattern.

July 15th was my friends baby shower and she loved the stuff i made and the quilt my Omi made. Below is a picture before the gifts went off. I am really proud of how everything turned out. My best baby sweater so far(sorry andrea you got stuck with a not so good first sweater :).


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