Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pics as promised

My knitting break project-a quick and simple bracelet. Because of the zigzag design once it get wet it dries with the curlies pointing out but i actually like it. Makes it look spiky :)

Finished anklets that i washed in hot water today--i have yet to assess the damage :( :( I made them in Knit Picks sock garden yarn. Color-Hydrangea. I used size 2 DP's.
And i started a Mason-Dixon "Warshcloth" I made a small mistake right when i started the 3rd row it says to slip the yarn purl-wise which i learned meant with the yarn in front "as if to purl" but it was wrong but i decided not to go back to fix it-it isn't that big of a deal and it is a washcloth, i will just remember for the other rows and the next washcloth.
I am watching Broken Trail right now, recommended by a friend and it is actually really good. It has Thomas Haden Church, i saw him in Sideways. Kinda weird seeing him Broken Trail since the only other movie i have seen him in is Sideways, which i loved and found very funny! So back to my movie i go.


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