Saturday, June 24, 2006

Not room and a friendship bracelet

The progress of my room is very slow. i have had the wallpaper off for almost a month and today Honey helped me take out the carpet and the tack boards--well actually he did all of it i swept up everything at the end.
I finished my anklet socks and have even worn them tomorrow they will have their first washing. i will have a pic and more info next time.
I am trying to think of what i want to knit my One Skien Secret Pal. And i mailed her stuff out a week ago so she should have gotten it or be getting it soon. I hope she likes it. This whole Swap stuff is harder than i thought it would be mainly because you worry about what to get your pal and if she will like it. I haven't gotten anything from my pal yet but she did say that she was in the middle of moving and in a new job so i will be getting my stuff later.
I havent wanted to start a new knitting project because i still have Orangina on the needles and i have to start my secret pal's project so i made a Friendship bracelet for myself. turned out really cool! i will add a pic next time too i have just been Blog lazy so i wanted to at least have a small update!
I am off to snack and watch a movie on Woodstock and look for knitting ideas :) i was thinking about finally making a Mason-Dixon washcloth!!!
I got a Vintage mini suitcase at a garage sale today its super cute and only 2 bucks. Little things make me very happy :)


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