Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Meme, booties and washcloths

Remember my beautiful yarn i got last week...from Scout well she restarted(?) her meme that she started awhile ago (i didn't start reading her blog until a month and a half ago so i didn't read about it when she officially started it) Well anyway i am blabbing, she wants to see our "Knitting Spot" so here is mine.
Knitting Spot: Futon with a pillow for comfy resting position, current knitting project-alien washcloth (more below about where its from), Lappie easily accessible and almost always online. Green caddy has catalogs, magazines, books, writing utensils and other little things it also holds any drink or snack i might be having. My knitting spot is also the guest bedroom, turned into a shared tv room so hubby and aidan can "be by me" as they put it and it is my reading spot and writing letter spot.

The other end of my knitting spot: As you can see i have a clear shot to the Tv should i want to watch a movie or a favorite show while i am knitting. Currently showing Stargate SG-1. See the set of drawers right next to the futon-Knitting Magazines!! TAG! your turn to show off your knitting spot!
I would also like to make note that the green and plaid are not me at all they are the previous owners and this summer there will be change in background something bright maybe pink or purple or turqoise ...not sure yet.
Brady's Washcloths: Wasn't originally planning on making these but Strangelittlemama tempted me with her alien washcloth and i found these patterns too. Super fast and easy. I finished one per night. I like quick gratifying knits. The yellow heart is easier to see. The blue one is a teddy bear in case you can't tell. I used size 7 needles and Sugar and Cream Cotton. Pattern is here
Brady's booties: Caron Simply Soft still using up the same skein that i made the cardigan with.
Size 3 needles. the pattern used straight but i got to the point where i had to use double points because it was easier for me. Overall it is a cute quick pattern. the seam up the back (the only seam :) ) could use some tweaking. The pattern knits up 99% in one piece- that's always a plus!
And the pattern came from UK mag Simply Knitting May 2006 with the special baby pattern insert. Yes i am spoiling the little guy with some handknits. Well tonight i should finish my last half of my alien cloth and then i plan to start HAHAHAHAHA Actually get back to knitting my Orangina! Oh dear Orangina your completion seems so far and distant!


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