Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So this is what i have been up to among other things the water bottle holder(purple & green on needles), the purple scallope pouch was for my One Skein Secret pal and the Peek of the lining in a bag is The bag i made awhile back and i finally decided it will stay a bag and i lined it and put buttons in and i have used it for over a week and i love it!!! it's my own bag too--No Pattern!!!!!!Tomorrow i will have more pics of what i am working on and will be finished very soon. i have little details to add on! Sorry this is so short but i just wanted to do a quick update! i have been slacking in the writing department!! Oh and if you haven't noticed i changed my blog's name i really couldnt keep it just knittingdiddl since i have expanded my craftiness. More tomorrow!!


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