Thursday, October 05, 2006


So it's been about a 2 1/2 weeks since i last wrote. One week of that i was ill, ill, ill. And did nothing besides lay in a heap and whine and try to get up to help my son go to the potty-funny how i manage to get ill, ill, ill the same week that i want to seriously start his potty-training. It wasnt easy but we managed. you always do. I also have my grandma in from Germany so we have been out and about. And the lazyness is me not wanting to write and load picutres.

Here is finally one of the Wee Wonderfuls (scroll down for the Put Together book) bunny that i wanted to make. My other one still needs to be sewn together. But i made this one as a gift so i wanted to get it done quickly. And it was a Hit! She was named Lili. Basic Cotton for her dress and body and felt for her shoes, barrettes, collar and facial features. I really like the rabbit! I think its the ears, LOL! But she was fun and quick and hopefully i will get to my other bunny soon!

Her cute face with heart barrettes!! i think my barrettes are my favorite on bunny they just look super cute!

Her cute heart shoes.

I Have been doing some knitting during my lazy/sickness too. My SKB...i have the top and the lace done. Noe i am finishing the little purl bumps and i move on to Hip shaping. back to some good old stockinette that i can do easily in front of TV. Don't get me wrong the lace was a very nice, simple to remember and do lace but you still had to double-check and make sure you were keeping with the 7 stitch pattern.
Here is a close-up of my lace! i really like it. I can't wait til this shirt is done i hope i won't be disappointed! I made kind of a big boo-boo so we will see i can always make another and i for sure want to!!!
Grandma's Home.


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