Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bunny Pieces and Holder

My Bunny Pieces: I traced and cut today! I plan on starting my sewing tomorrow. The bunny looks like he will be a lot of fun. I am excited about doing the lighter color with the orange dress-i just love the fabric.

Here is my Water Bottle Holder-i am still on the pocket. Yeah i know-not much progress but yesterday i just ended up fooling around online. I really like this pattern but you tend to go from one boring part to the next but i have had this yarn for about a year and i am trying to use up the yarn that i bought for specific patterns before i buy more. So i can figure out what is going on in my stash. it is just to overwhelming right now. But i am getting there...slowly but surely :)
Hopefully i can finish the pocket tonight and strap away tomorrow night!
I plan on doing some quilting--yes i know i am getting very ambitious. I probably wont start any quilting until next week because i am gonna sew up my bunnies and i want to finish painting my room. i have the primer on. IT"S TIME FOR SOME COLOR! i cannot not WAIT until it's done!!! I don't want to do any painting for a very long time after this! Some FO pics soon i hope!!!


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