Monday, February 27, 2006

1-Myriam 3-Eeyore bag

Here are some pictures of my stalled progress. The bag is turning out very nice and fluffy. It should make for a cozy and wonderful transportation bag for eeyore :)

Well i started my hunt for the one ball of yarn i need and one of the Joann's near me did not have it neither did the Micheal's by me. So tomorrow i venture to another Joann's that is nearby, makes me glad that i am basically in the middle of 2 of them but i just have to hope that this one will have what i need.
My title serves to prove that eeyore is against me-eeyore count is the 2 stores today that didn't have the yarn and the other point comes from the failure to be able to use the original yarn and having to start over. My one point is for being able to get as far as i have. Hope by tomorrow i will be close to making it even.


At 7:23 AM, Anonymous babsi said...

the bag is ADORABLE!!!!! I know he will just love it!!!
I want a bag like that too - my size. to cuddle in all day, and be carried around in :).


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