Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Update and Crochet

Well i have been busy since i last posted. Some tough spots with my crochet and my Bad Penny shirt. i found out there is a LYS i have to go check out but i know i have to go when we have some extra money, i won't be able to say No once i get inside and see everything. Even if it is something little you have to commemerate the first visit. I signed up for a Sewing class mostly because i promised my best friend(my mom) i would do it with her. It starts on Thursday for 3 hours! And 2 more thursdays after that. But at least i will get to know my my sewing machine better. Wish me luck!
The pictures ARE in the right order, i had 2.5 inches of work that i had a few mistakes in and in my frustration i just unraveled all my work. I made my border to long, messed up on the lace pattern and just figured i will redo the whole thing and get it right the second time :)

I have been learning to crochet with my new "Happy Hooker" book and i am having a good time. I got off to a rough start but i finally figured out what i was doing wrong and since then i have been doing really good. I have done all the stitches starting with single and ending with triple, i even did some increasing which is why my piece has wings at the end :). I already want to start doing a project but i am not sure what yet. I don't want to do a scarf since spring and summer are right around the corner. We'll see...

I still have to order the tiara yarn for the eeyore bag. NO stores in the area have it but i got a coupon for Joann's that has free shipping on no min. purchase! So hopefully it will get here super fast and i will finally be able to post a COMPLETED picture of the bag!!
I nominated a tank top for the next KAL that the Sexy Knitter's Club is having hopefully it will get picked but there are some other cool nominations so i won't be disappointed if it doesn't make it. I think the nominations end in the middle of March or so, can't wait to see what gets picked!
Well it's someone's naptime and someone else's knitting time :) :) :)


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