Friday, March 10, 2006

Anonymous Hat and Crochet

Hat made by Anonymous person--looks really good. I am proud of the person that made it!

A test square of a cool crochet pattern called Spike in Debbie Stoller's book, not sure if that is the technical term but i thought it turned out really cool but there is a lot of color change so being my lazy self i would probably only use this pattern for something small or do bigger blocks of color.

So this is my current crochet project. I am still doing a lot of playing around and seeing what i can do. But i was going to just do some small squares but decided instead to just keep expanding with the colors i have and once i see how big it is i will decide what it will be-i am thinking pillow or maybe just a centerpiece for my table.

I FINALLY got a pin backing for my flower that i made after my mom taught me to crochet circles...2 months ago :)

i have been neglecting my Bad Penny the past few days, i just haven't felt like working on it i think my unraveling kinda put a damper on it. I had my first Sewing class yesterday. It is basically you work on a project and if you need help there is a teacher wondering around to help you. I expected it to be a little more we sit she teaches but me and my mom had a great time just laughing it all up. My mom has had some problems with her pattern and fabric so hopefully next week it will all get worked out!! I picked out a purse to make, the pattern says "Sew Easy" but we'll see.
Nominations for the SKC KAL ended yesterday so we should be finding out who won soon, i can't wait to see what we will be knitting.
Well Aidan woke up, more next time.


At 8:01 AM, Anonymous babsi said...

cute crochet samples!
now if the anonymous crocheter would half as much guts as talent, he would fess up to the nice work, ha!


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