Wednesday, May 10, 2006

...lazy bones

My sleeping kitties while i am working on my Bad Penny(put away) and a close-up of my sweet Max :) i woke him up.

I have done small projects, no big projects and i havent touched my Orangina in weeks. I started/restarted the first 4 row of the cardigan i am making for Little Brady.
My Birthday was yesterday-i had a nice day and got nice things :) Hubby got me tickets to see "Wicked".
Some Good news today though i got my One Skein Secret Pal info today! I am excited! I kept checking my email all day to see when i would get the info!
Bad Penny has been completely put away i was doing great but the sleeve edges still too small and i finished the bottom and it get all tight in my hips all because of the bind-off-ifit wasnt for my @$&*#@ bindoff then everything would be perfect.
I have really been wanting to make some socks but i don't like having so many UFO's.
I have a Simply Knitting and Interweave Knits to read--Yeah!! But tomorrow i plan to get back on track--MUST KNIT!!!!


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