Friday, May 12, 2006

bday and Brady Cardi update.

So i wanted to show off some of the things i got for my birthday. Socks are from my mom, i love socks that have color and animal ones too. Hubby added Hutch to my collection of Wallace and Gromit figures! And he got tickets for us to go see "Wicked" I am super excited about that! but i have to wait a couple weeks.

This is from my mom too. It's called a Japanese Cube! She made it herself. Way Cool! Anybody interested in one let me know she does orders.
On the Knitting front i did do some work on the Cardigan for Brady. i was on row 6 and now i am on 22 so i think that's pretty good progress for a night. Especially since i spent some time online and took an ice cream break. I'll have a pic of my progress next time.

And i was reading one of the many knitting blogs and Strangelittlemama had a cool Alien Washcloth she got from HERE and i found a pattern for a heart and teddy bear washcloth from the same place that i think i want to make for August-due Brady but the shower is in July. So we'll see. I really want to make the Alien one for me!! Fun Fun!!! I think i have to go to Joann and get some Cotton Yarn!


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