Sunday, April 30, 2006

Being a Knitter is Hard!

Funny how i was doing really great at doing one project at a time for the last year and then i decide to join a KAL and all of a sudden i have so many things to knit or that i want to knit. Maybe i just picked a bad time with Easter and Mother's Day and Jenni's baby being born at the end of the summer. As the future Aunt it is only natural i knit something for the little guy!!! I was on a roll for a few days and managed to add a couple inches to my Orangina. But then i started a Dinosaur for Aidan, which he cares nothing for but it was fun to make. And i shortened the sac on my hubby's willie warmer, something else that lays around gathering dust. I wish i had more people around me to apperciatte my knitting. Aidan is of course to little to appreciatte so i will have to breed him to love the yarn and what it makes :) :) Well i am off to watch Pride and Prejudice.


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