Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Garden does grow but my knitting doesn't...

Spring is HERE my Garden is growing!!! Okay... you got me it just has tulips and leaves that i need to clear out but there are about 10 tulips!! and they are so happy and bright!!! And they make me smile when i walk past them. I am waiting for my rhododendron to bloom and watching my Hydrangea closely for any sprouting he is my biggest concern!!

I made this flower washcloth for my friend's birthday, something simple but cute. i like that i did the 2 colors all my other washcloths that i have made were solid. Why didn't i think of doing this before???

Well there is another thing i have gotten done, my Husband's Easter present. As my mom said "his egg warmer" Ever since i started knitting hubby has joked about a "Willie Warmer" so i found this cool pattern http://www.queerjoe.blogspot.com/Willie%20Warmer.htm and had to make it for him, it won't get much use but it's a fun gift-a little different from the usual Easter present. it's a fun quick knit. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease that i got on clearace for $1.50 and size 6 Double-point needles. I used the changes that QueerJoe adds at the bottom of the page to do the decreases and close the sac and head.

Okay, okay so my knitting is growing but not where i would like it to be growing. Orangina is way, way behind. I really need to get crackin. I check the SKC blog everyday just to see the progress the other ladies have and one has the front and most of the back of her orangina done. I AM SO JEALOUS AND ENVIOUS. Whenever i start a new project i can never see the end in site especially when i am trying to do so many other things at the same time.
And i haven't done anymore work on Bad Penny either. ANNDDD i have to do the straps for Eeyore's bag. It's neverending. I need to go knit before something else manages to get on my WIP list.


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