Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finished Square-My problem with Bad Penny

Well i finished the growing granny square and made it into a purse but now i am thinking about taking out the strap and making it into a pillow. i just don't think it will get any use as a bag and it was laying on a chair the other day and i just thought "that would make a cute pillow" so we will see i am still going back and forth in my mind-what do you think?

I got the book One Skein by Leigh Radford and finished my first project. Isn't my cupcake super cute!!! and it knits up fast i had a little trouble with the seaming so i pretty much made up my own seaming so get everything to work out and have nothing show.

I figured out why i haven't been wanting to work on my shirt...a lot of it has to do with me not understanding if i am doing the increasing in the rib pattern right and the yarn i am using twists as your knitting so i have to hang it in the air to let it unwind--gets kinda old after awhile. I think this time i am going to use a lifeline right before i start the increasing and lace pattern.
Well Somewhat Cowl won the race but it was really close and so the SKC board decided that we can choose between Somewhat Cowl and Orangina :) i wonder what i will pick...ORANGINA of course but i am actually thinking about doing both if i can. i ordered my Rowan cotton yarn in Flirty and my pattern i just need to get the needles for it but i have a week or so before the yarn will get here.
Still no Tiara yarn so i can finish the eeyore bag :(
And the past few days blogger has really gotten on my nerves i started this post thursday and couldnt load any pics so i saved in and then the rest of the day and all day yesterday i couldnt even get to the homepage!!! i hope they figure out the problem soon i would hate to have to start a new blog.


At 8:08 PM, Anonymous babsi said...

where is my cupcake???
and a petit four too :)
I wanna see that book next time.
bag looks cute as a bag,but he wants to be used. maybe an eeyore could sit on him.


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