Saturday, March 25, 2006

:( more unraveling?

I am in a knitting depression :( i was searching around on the internet for a correction on the Bad Penny chart because the one on Glampyre's site won't show on my computer. Anyway i got to page 6 or so of my Google search and found a correction for the increasing that you are supposed to do right before the lacy zigzag. well turns out you are supposed to do it before you start the new color!! UGH!!! i do not want to unravel this part again!!!!!! i am getting frustrated with this border! So i put the stitches on some yarn and decided to work on the sleeves and neckline and after i have calmed down from my disappointment of more unraveling i will decide what i want to do. i have a feeling it will be starting over it will drive me nuts to have a screwed up lace and rib pattern. I don't think i will be done before April 1st like i wanted to be.

On a good note i got my needles for Orangina in the mail today, now i am just waiting
(im)patiently for my yarn :)

I got an email last night from My last order got in some kind of shipping mix-up so i have to wait even longer to get the LAST ball of tiara i need to finish the *&%$@ eeyore bag. I will be so happy when this bag is done!!!

I have been reading a lot of other knitting blogs and just searching around and so many people are making socks and they are all so cute. I want to make some socks!!!!!!! i have asked the Easter Bunny for some sock yarn in my basket.

Sorry no pics today, next time hopefully :)


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