Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bad Penny and Swatch

Well i have tried on my shirt and either i am not going to worry about the lace pattern at all because it really doesn't show or i might just go back to right before the lace work straight down but i am really happy with how it is turning out so far and it fits great...well i need to do some tweaking on the sleeves. As you can see on the second picture it is super tight. I am finishing the second sleeve and have loosened up my knitting and plan to bind off SUPER loose so that it can fit my muscular arms ;). The back to the other sleeve-i will probably just redo the whole thing over so i can knit it up looser.

i got my yarn on Monday(for the Orangina KAL) , so i started a swatch on Monday night. The pattern looks okay i wish it looked a little neater. I still have to check the gauge but for this swatch i used the size 3 the pattern called for.


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