Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pics of my Progress

what you see is the rightside, front and back, of my tank top. Only a bit more to go :) How exciting!!
I can't wait until it's done it will be one of my proudest achievements knitwise, right next to my backpack.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Almost there :)

hello!! well i had a few setbacks: first i was sick and then of course my little guy got sick, that was to be expected but he was 2x as bad as me, so my tanktop was on siesta but i am happy to say i think i have made up for lost time and come quite far. i have finished the right front and back and started the strap for the right side but i think today i will start on the left side so that way when hubby's on vaca next week and i have both sides done he can help me figure out how long i should make my straps. i am a little worries i hope the top doesnt make me look fat i have heard knit things can do that to you :(

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Still knittin along

Well i have gotten much further in my top, but i finished increasing and decreasing in the waist/bust area so now i am knitting for a about and inch and a half and then i will start the V-neck and the back. i am not even sure how the back looks the pattern has no picture of the back so it will be a surprise :) But i am so excited, everything is moving along really well, i am a little worried about running out of yarn though i started my fourth skein yesterday and only have 2 more after this.
In Vogue Knittng Magazine(the fall 2005 issue) they have this really cool jacket/capelike thinf on the front cover i instantly fell in love with it and i really want to make it but to my surprise the yarn they used is 17 bucks a skein!!! i kinda felt it in my gut that it owuld be pricey since the pattern is in Vogue knitting. But unless i can find a great great likeness i might have to make this a wish for my anniversery or something i mean it will be something i can wear so it will go to good use :) we'll see...

Friday, August 05, 2005

NEW pics

As i mentioned before i started my tanktop here is a pic of my progress so far and a closeup of the border. i have the border all done and i did the decreasing that is part of "shaping the waistline" now i have to knit around for 2.75". So i have a easier couple nights ahead of me. Then comes shaping the bust.

well here is my laptop cover, i know i know the middle scrunches i was leaving the yarn in the back loose enough but i am super proud of it and it covers my laptop perfect. It's on my laptop in the picture and there is no hint of gray laptop to be seen :) you can't tell and my camera isnt good enough for a close up but the border is Seed Stitch. i am really proud of it because i did all the math and graphing and planning on my own there was no pattern.

well since i wont really have anything new to show, it might be a few days before i update unless i get to the bust of my tanktop and panic ;). Byebye

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Started Tank Top

Well i finished my laptop cover last week on Friday morning and started my top that night and it is going really well. i was a little worried at first but i have the border all done and i will be "shaping the waistline" tonite :) i am so excited i just want to work on it for a few days straight and not stop so i can get it done and proudly wear it but it will take some time.