Monday, February 27, 2006

1-Myriam 3-Eeyore bag

Here are some pictures of my stalled progress. The bag is turning out very nice and fluffy. It should make for a cozy and wonderful transportation bag for eeyore :)

Well i started my hunt for the one ball of yarn i need and one of the Joann's near me did not have it neither did the Micheal's by me. So tomorrow i venture to another Joann's that is nearby, makes me glad that i am basically in the middle of 2 of them but i just have to hope that this one will have what i need.
My title serves to prove that eeyore is against me-eeyore count is the 2 stores today that didn't have the yarn and the other point comes from the failure to be able to use the original yarn and having to start over. My one point is for being able to get as far as i have. Hope by tomorrow i will be close to making it even.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


This eeyore bag is against me! When i finally thought i would be done-NOPE!! i still need one poor ball of yarn. I need 8 or 9 inches and only have 7-what luck.
First-i didnt have enough of the original yarn,
Second-i still don't have enough yarn to finish the bag and i don't have a recent Joann coupon to get anymore yarn so it will be delayed even more. The yarn is 9 bucks for a teeny little ball and i already used 3. Not that i don't enjoy any reason to knit but this eeyore bag hasn't been very much fun. Like i said it is against me. I even sat different size eeyores in the bag but they sit kinda funny so i definately need the extra 2 inches. I just needed to vent-i feel better. Maybe i can find a coupon on the internet :) Even with this obstacle i am still close to completion :) And for that i am happy. The end is Nearer!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


I haven't been knitting much these past few days. I think a lot of it has to do with the eeyore bag coming along slowly and I am worried that I still don't have enough yarn to make the 8 inches he wants. This isn't cheap yarn either!! Well I still have one ball left who knows maybe it will be okay even though it's a little shorter. I can hope :) My poor Bad Penny is sitting in his bag wondering when I will pick him up again to work on my 9.5 inches. I ordered the new Happy Hooker: Crochet by Debbie Stoller. I get it next week on Monday or Tuesday. I am so excited. I am already thinking about my next project. I really want to make a cardigan and I haven't given up on the teddy bear sweater for my son's Build-A-Bear so if anyone has any good patterns I am open to all. Thanx for any help.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I really don't like this yarn i got for the Eeyore bag very much it has very long hair and get kinda tagled and wrapped around in the knitting. it just doesn't seem to knit as smoothly as the yarn i started knitting with.
i really want to finish the bag so i have put off working on my Bad Penny shirt. Hopefully it won't be long.
I have been searching around on the internet and i find more and more new patterns. Do you think there is a knitter out there that does not have a wish list of things she wants to make?
I doubt it but you never know.

Friday, February 17, 2006

little bit of everything

My brief flood of hats on the knifty knitter has been put to a pause but as promised here are pictures of my hat and Aidan's. I also made one for my mom for Valentine's Day but i forgot to take a picture of it so next time i stop by for a visit i will take a one. I have made it my goal to photograph every project i make.

I have tried to keep this journal focused on Knitting but i have to slip in just a moment of a admiration for my adorable son, Aidan. I really have been blessed and he is just the most darling little man and makes me laugh everyday! He doesn't realize yet that he will be getting a lot of knits from his Mama and maybe one day he will be interested enough to try it out for himself.

My shirt is coming along great! The other day i held it up to show my husband and we both commented on how it was starting to take look like a shirt. It has been a fun knit, right now i am on kind of a boring part though, just knitting for 9.5 inches. But it is the perfect knitting for watching a movie or a show on TV.

I am still waiting for the yarn to finish knitting Sad Eeyore's bag. I finally got an email from Joann' letting me know that my stuff was sent on the 14th.
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day. Mine was really good, a little rushed in the morning. My husband got me a Vermont Teddy bear. His name is Loverboy and he is wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with sunglasses and a "Love" tattoo on his left teddy bicep :). I can't wait to knit something for him. He is the perfect size to knit a sweater for.
My son has a "Build-a-Bear" teddy bear and i really want to knit something for him too but i haven't found any good patterns for him.
There are so many things i want to make and it seems like my list keep growing and growing.
Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker book is supposed to come out next week. I am very excited, i have been looking forward to it since i heard it was coming out. My mom has taught me some crochet but she doesn't knot any of the terms or anything so that's what i really want to learn about.
Well, I want to tackle more of those 9.5 inches before Aidan wakes up from his nap.

UPDATE: i just got my package from Joann's. Eeyore should be very pleased, i know i am.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sad Eeyore

As you know there was a delay in the making of the pink eeyore bag and yesterday i recieved this picture in an email.

Talk about making a person feel guilty. I hope the yarn gets here really fast!!!

My Bad Penny shirt is moving along pretty good though, i finished all the increasing and i have been working on the body. But the past 2 days i haven't worked on busy cruising the internet and writing to penpals.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Delays and New Stuff

Well Eeyore's bag isnt fuzzy anymore he is just a crocheted bottom again. i didnt have enough of the pink Yarn and i couldnt get anymore (it was from germany) so i had to take it apart and now i will be ordering some new yarn. So i got one of those Knifty Knitter things and iahev madea hat for Myself, Aidan and my mom for Valentine's it is the coolest thing and you can make hats so super fast!!! But i did start a new Project. It's called Bad Penny and i got it off the Knitty website. i am doing pretty good. YES i already made a small mistake but I DON"T CARE it very minor and everything else looks really good and seems to be clicking very well! It's getting late (i have a son who gets up very early so 10 is late for me) But i will keep ya posted and put pics of my hats and the progress of my Bad Penny shirt!