Tuesday, July 26, 2005

PFtP 3

These are all my begining pieces a small practice scarf w/ color change and a head triangle to practice increasing. And Swatches, lots of swatches: knitting, purling, cabling, seed stitch, rib stitch, and increase/decrease. I love my heart swatch i thought that it was so cool when i finished it.

well this is basically everything i have made. My next project is a halter top i am just waiting from my yarn and needles from Patternworks. :) i can't wait to start it!!

PFtP 2

Well hats...the hat for my son turned out super cute but he couldnt wear it for long and the pick hat was a huge disaster, it was going to be a kitty ear hat cause i love kitties and it looks really good til i put it on. Turns out my head is bigger than the average girls head and it was to tight it fit my head like a pair of nylons i was soo upset when it didnt fit so i never took the time to put the ears on it and my son got a hold of the pom-poms on the bottom and chewed on them so they are kind of matted and stiff but if i ever make a hat again i'll i'm big-headed.

Like any beginner i made my share of scarfs, the hot pink one is in a rib pattern k2p2, its actually one of my favorites i love how it looks and feels. The Lime and Turqouise scarf i made because i was at the store and loved the yarn, its super soft and fluffy, and the colors are so bright. The Grey and White Scarf was for my husband it was my first full size scarf and he only wore it once because i made him so he has been taken off the knitting gifts list but it is a really good-looking manly scarf and keeps you nice and toasty.

I think i keep running out of room so one more post and i won't have any more pics.

Pics from the Past

Here are a few things i have made since i started knitting

This is just a little gift bag i made for my mom's birthday, i put some Italian Charms in it that i got her really simple job but the Yarn was a little hard to work with when i went to sew the sides together. Next time i'll make sure i have some regular yarn on hand to sew seams with if my yarn had little bumps and balls in it :)

My first major project and it took me awhile but i am soooo proud of it. It is from Stitch' N Bitch by Debbie Stoller and Heather Barnes did the back pack and the monkey character is by Addrienne Yan. I learned a lot with this bag and i made a few mistakes but i still love it more then anything i sometimes still can't believe i actually made it.

The last thing i finished making is the Water Bottle Sling in Knit Wit and Designed by Jamie Cook-Jaques. i was originally making it for me but then i decided my mom would love it she drinks a lot of Water and well I knew she would love the shape of the holder. i love how you make the optional pocket on the strap, it's kinda hard to explain but you are knitting the strap and the pocket at the same time as you knit up, i know that probably is the worst explanation ever.

Well i am having some pic loading problems so more later...

Monday, July 25, 2005


Hello!! My name is Myriam. I am 23 years old and i just started knitting in September of '04. My Omi tried to teach me to knit when i was smaller but it just never clicked. I went into Waldenbooks one day with a 25% off coupon and started looking for a book to buy and Bam! i saw Stitch' N Bitch by Debbie Stoller and something about it just appealled to me and after getting the necessary utensils i was knitting, knitting, knitting. And i haven't been able to put down the needles since. I LOVE IT!!! and it just came so naturally i didnt have a lot of trouble when i was starting out, my first couple swatches looked pretty descent no major holes or anything like that. I have done a few things and i will add the pics with little descriptions next time i write.
I am married and have a 15 month old son, so i keep busy during the day. Any chance i get i try to knit. Usually i knit everyday after i put him to bed for about an hour or so. It's such a nice way to end the day and it's really the only time i have to knit so i try to get alot done while i can especially since there is still alit of stuff i havent made yet so i am trying to knit all kinds of different things.
I am making a little cover for my laptop right now and that's almost done it's very simple but it is my first project i made on my own as far as figuring out size, number of stitches for whole thing, stitches per inch, and graphing the letters. And yes i have made a few little mistakes, nothing major at all but it has been a great learning experience.
Pics next time.