Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bad Penny and Swatch

Well i have tried on my shirt and either i am not going to worry about the lace pattern at all because it really doesn't show or i might just go back to right before the lace work straight down but i am really happy with how it is turning out so far and it fits great...well i need to do some tweaking on the sleeves. As you can see on the second picture it is super tight. I am finishing the second sleeve and have loosened up my knitting and plan to bind off SUPER loose so that it can fit my muscular arms ;). The back to the other sleeve-i will probably just redo the whole thing over so i can knit it up looser.

i got my yarn on Monday(for the Orangina KAL) , so i started a swatch on Monday night. The pattern looks okay i wish it looked a little neater. I still have to check the gauge but for this swatch i used the size 3 the pattern called for.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

:( more unraveling?

I am in a knitting depression :( i was searching around on the internet for a correction on the Bad Penny chart because the one on Glampyre's site won't show on my computer. Anyway i got to page 6 or so of my Google search and found a correction for the increasing that you are supposed to do right before the lacy zigzag. well turns out you are supposed to do it before you start the new color!! UGH!!! i do not want to unravel this part again!!!!!! i am getting frustrated with this border! So i put the stitches on some yarn and decided to work on the sleeves and neckline and after i have calmed down from my disappointment of more unraveling i will decide what i want to do. i have a feeling it will be starting over it will drive me nuts to have a screwed up lace and rib pattern. I don't think i will be done before April 1st like i wanted to be.

On a good note i got my needles for Orangina in the mail today, now i am just waiting
(im)patiently for my yarn :)

I got an email last night from My last order got in some kind of shipping mix-up so i have to wait even longer to get the LAST ball of tiara i need to finish the *&%$@ eeyore bag. I will be so happy when this bag is done!!!

I have been reading a lot of other knitting blogs and just searching around and so many people are making socks and they are all so cute. I want to make some socks!!!!!!! i have asked the Easter Bunny for some sock yarn in my basket.

Sorry no pics today, next time hopefully :)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gromit get a Post all His Own!

My sweet husband went to Meijer the other day and was looking at jets for our son and came across some Wallace and Gromit figures from the WereRabbit Movie and brought me home a Gromit!!!! He is soo cute but he was missing something...HIS Knitting! So i made him some knitting. (that sweet husband of mine was shocked when i started gromits knitting for him, he didnt think i would really go that far i guess :)
i still need to come up with something better for holding the "needles" the tape isn't working very well. Any ideas? Nothing permanent i would like to change the knitting every now and then.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finished Square-My problem with Bad Penny

Well i finished the growing granny square and made it into a purse but now i am thinking about taking out the strap and making it into a pillow. i just don't think it will get any use as a bag and it was laying on a chair the other day and i just thought "that would make a cute pillow" so we will see i am still going back and forth in my mind-what do you think?

I got the book One Skein by Leigh Radford and finished my first project. Isn't my cupcake super cute!!! and it knits up fast i had a little trouble with the seaming so i pretty much made up my own seaming so get everything to work out and have nothing show.

I figured out why i haven't been wanting to work on my shirt...a lot of it has to do with me not understanding if i am doing the increasing in the rib pattern right and the yarn i am using twists as your knitting so i have to hang it in the air to let it unwind--gets kinda old after awhile. I think this time i am going to use a lifeline right before i start the increasing and lace pattern.
Well Somewhat Cowl won the race but it was really close and so the SKC board decided that we can choose between Somewhat Cowl and Orangina :) i wonder what i will pick...ORANGINA of course but i am actually thinking about doing both if i can. i ordered my Rowan cotton yarn in Flirty and my pattern i just need to get the needles for it but i have a week or so before the yarn will get here.
Still no Tiara yarn so i can finish the eeyore bag :(
And the past few days blogger has really gotten on my nerves i started this post thursday and couldnt load any pics so i saved in and then the rest of the day and all day yesterday i couldnt even get to the homepage!!! i hope they figure out the problem soon i would hate to have to start a new blog.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Anonymous Hat and Crochet

Hat made by Anonymous person--looks really good. I am proud of the person that made it!

A test square of a cool crochet pattern called Spike in Debbie Stoller's book, not sure if that is the technical term but i thought it turned out really cool but there is a lot of color change so being my lazy self i would probably only use this pattern for something small or do bigger blocks of color.

So this is my current crochet project. I am still doing a lot of playing around and seeing what i can do. But i was going to just do some small squares but decided instead to just keep expanding with the colors i have and once i see how big it is i will decide what it will be-i am thinking pillow or maybe just a centerpiece for my table.

I FINALLY got a pin backing for my flower that i made after my mom taught me to crochet circles...2 months ago :)

i have been neglecting my Bad Penny the past few days, i just haven't felt like working on it i think my unraveling kinda put a damper on it. I had my first Sewing class yesterday. It is basically you work on a project and if you need help there is a teacher wondering around to help you. I expected it to be a little more we sit she teaches but me and my mom had a great time just laughing it all up. My mom has had some problems with her pattern and fabric so hopefully next week it will all get worked out!! I picked out a purse to make, the pattern says "Sew Easy" but we'll see.
Nominations for the SKC KAL ended yesterday so we should be finding out who won soon, i can't wait to see what we will be knitting.
Well Aidan woke up, more next time.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Update and Crochet

Well i have been busy since i last posted. Some tough spots with my crochet and my Bad Penny shirt. i found out there is a LYS i have to go check out but i know i have to go when we have some extra money, i won't be able to say No once i get inside and see everything. Even if it is something little you have to commemerate the first visit. I signed up for a Sewing class mostly because i promised my best friend(my mom) i would do it with her. It starts on Thursday for 3 hours! And 2 more thursdays after that. But at least i will get to know my my sewing machine better. Wish me luck!
The pictures ARE in the right order, i had 2.5 inches of work that i had a few mistakes in and in my frustration i just unraveled all my work. I made my border to long, messed up on the lace pattern and just figured i will redo the whole thing and get it right the second time :)

I have been learning to crochet with my new "Happy Hooker" book and i am having a good time. I got off to a rough start but i finally figured out what i was doing wrong and since then i have been doing really good. I have done all the stitches starting with single and ending with triple, i even did some increasing which is why my piece has wings at the end :). I already want to start doing a project but i am not sure what yet. I don't want to do a scarf since spring and summer are right around the corner. We'll see...

I still have to order the tiara yarn for the eeyore bag. NO stores in the area have it but i got a coupon for Joann's that has free shipping on no min. purchase! So hopefully it will get here super fast and i will finally be able to post a COMPLETED picture of the bag!!
I nominated a tank top for the next KAL that the Sexy Knitter's Club is having hopefully it will get picked but there are some other cool nominations so i won't be disappointed if it doesn't make it. I think the nominations end in the middle of March or so, can't wait to see what gets picked!
Well it's someone's naptime and someone else's knitting time :) :) :)