Monday, July 31, 2006


The Picture of my HUGE YAY!!!!! My package form my One Skein Secret Pal--Bright Colored yarn that makes me smile and smile!!! A pattern to make a bag with my bright happy yarn and it is all done being knitted up i just need to add handles but i havent taken the updated picture yet-Below is what i had done by Saturday night the day i got my package!! I also got some stitch markers that i was looking at the other day in the store (i didnt buy them-something kept me from buying them-now i know what :) :) :) and some nice needles with the curved tip they came in very useful when i was seaming up my bright happy bag. THANK YOU SO MUCH GRANDMA!!!!!!! i loved my package!
BRIGHT HAPPY HAPPY YARN ABOVE turning into a side of a purse! and i also threw in a picture of another project that i am working on but it has been put on pause while i look at a sewing book--Adorable Animals from Wee Wonderfuls .
This is just the basic layout of what they will look like, the fabric is inside out and i havent decided what color dress the black cat will have--what do you think? pink or purple. Well i really want to get this post up. More next time. By the way --IT'S HOT!!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

HUGE YAY!!!!!!!!! nevermind.... :(

Well i was going to write about my huge YAY!!! but BLOGGER IS BEING
@@$$#$%^^#@@#$%$###$$$ stupid again so i will try again later or tomorrow.
I HATE BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd YAY!!!! and what i have been up to..

Second YAY!! i finally finished Bad Penny. SHE IS DONE!!! she turned out great. Sadly i had to leave out the lace design at the bottom of the shirt but it's not a big deal for me. i still am really happy with how she turned out. I am not sure if you remember all the trouble i had with the sleeves but i ended up having to redo them in the larger than called for needle, there was just no way i could get them around my arms even with a SUPER LOOSE bind-off. When i wear it i will get a picture it has just been to Hot and everytime i remember to put it on for a pic i don't want to cause i am all sticky and sweaty --Not cool for a nice new shirt.

I FELTED--i have wanted to for so long so i decided to try. Here is Neopolitan before felting. It wasnt actually what i was going for but i ran out of brown and decided to use pink and when i looked at it i was reminded of a certian Ice Cream hence the name!!

Here is Neopolitan all felted and Purty :) i love her!!! I used Lamb's Pride worsted doubled up on size 15 circ. needles. i will definately be felting more bags-bigger ones this is actually a clutch and the original pattern is from One Skein but i had to put more stitches on to fit my longer size circ. needles other than that i stuck to the pattern.

July 15th was my friends baby shower and she loved the stuff i made and the quilt my Omi made. Below is a picture before the gifts went off. I am really proud of how everything turned out. My best baby sweater so far(sorry andrea you got stuck with a not so good first sweater :).

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


i have a few things i wanted to show but Blogger is being Problematic!!!!! So i will post as soon as i can.
To look forward to next time:
Sunday's sky
Aidan's new Friend, Dibbie.

Until theni will work on Bad Penny some more!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We have buttons!!! YAY!! Finally! Sorry the picture sucks so bad but they are little red elephants.
Bad Penny is back out and i have done the two sleeves all in the larger size eight needles and started the bottom of the shirt. Wish me luck!!